Sunset at the Ashram Ibiza

September in Ibiza. Clouds come the breezes blow but there is still magic sunsets to see and
the Sunset Ashram at Cala Conte is the best place to watch one. Today I play the soundtrack.
The Ashram is a little further out than the sunset strip in town and so it has a more underground
feel, more local and more people in the know musically.Today is no different as I am joined by
Jon Sa Trinxa who stops by to share the sunset with me. And it goes like this Jon sets it up with
the James Bond theme and I follow with ‘Belfast’, a classic sunset. And the moment it goes down…
we are mesmerised, as always it is a magic moment in time. Music and the sun, the moment is now.
Into the night the beats continue and lots of music people show up so it’s a pleasure to see the nods
of approval with each track that I get right. Kenneth Bager comes on late as a little surprise and he
drops two classic Balearic tracks of the year. ‘Campo de Flores’ by Valentin Huedo from Cafe del Mar
who is in the audience and Kenneths own track ‘Bolero’ which is for many the track of the summer.
And this is the view from the decks… Ocean all around, magic islands in the distance and beyond…
our sunset.

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