The green heart of Ibiza

In the hills of this Island there is a place dedicated to Sustainable living and becoming
organic beings.Here people come together to live in a community some for a short time
and others stay the season.Sundays they open the Cassita Verde to the rest of the island,
and the ones that can find it are the ones that are meant to be there.Hippies and people with
sweet sweet hearts, opening up to everybody. Just follow the green heart.
The Island calls many to it’s shores and apart from the party tourists which IS a big part of Ibiza,
many artists and musicians come here to open themselves creatively and to share themselves
as well. Last night I came in out of the rain and was invited to sit at a table where the talk was
of things cosmic of things human and of things music. These talks are common place on Ibiza
but I was talking to a man so humble so beautiful and so out there, also common place in Ibiza.
Meet my new friend Rico Loops, his name I had heard, his songs I have but to see his work and
his spirit… well words will not do the vibe here last night justice. Rico uses his voice to create
loops and sounds and he lays down a sonic soundscape completly in the moment.
Under a heavy sky behind which a bright full moon was shining we went on a journey together,
those who made the journey out to the Ashram went on another journey entirely with Rico.
At the end of his set we were so moved together that a full minute of silence happened,
just the waves crashing on the shore one after the other after the other after the other.
If your reading this and you think a trip to Ibiza is on the cards, Do the big clubs yes sure
they are amazing but leave yourself enough time to feel the energy of this place and go
find out some more about the music that is here. You will never ever regret it.
So many come and just run run run from party to party, sunset to sunset.There is so much
more to Ibiza than you have heard about. Indeed the more I come here the more she gives
to me. And this year I have so much, the music is fantastic. I am feeling a real Balearic
Spirit of days gone by, just simmering away beneath the surface of the comercialism and
am waiting for a big return to love and feeling of the Balearic spirit. I am coming back one
day loaded up with music and with feelings in me just waiting to explode. Love and Light X

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