Sunset Land

I think this is without a doubt the number one place to watch the sunset on Ibiza.
At a blue bus parked on the most amazing point of earth I have seen…mystic Islands
looking back to us on a mystic Island and we sit and watch our life force set into
the sea for another day…and we do it often. I put the sound here when I am not working
and it is the best set I could ever hope to play on a car stereo and this year people come.
And the fact that after four years this Bus has had it’s time and Ingo Zen has let it go makes
it all the more strong and everyone is coming here to enjoy a little Ibiza Institution…
well for me anyway.Goodbye to the blue bus of Cala Conta Ibiza…and to our right the nude
people on the naked beach say…Ole!
Once the sun loooses it’s juice they cover up so it’s looks quiet today, they go up and dress.
Skin soaked with rays of light it’s time to light one up and enjoy the show…
Cause thats how we roll at the blue bus on Cala Conta Point.Ibiza. Earth 2010.
The Island is our cradle and we say ooooo as the music fades to a whisper.
I already miss the blue bus, in a funny way I love it and I always will. I slept on
this point for three weeks one year, three weeks of bliss I will never forget.
Thanks Ingo Zen you funny silly strange being you…
like a moth to the flame we are drawn here to this place

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