Sunset@Cafe Del Mar

I come to this Island for the music and I became a DJ because of the music from Cafe Del Mar.
Many years ago I opened my ears as did the rest of the world to chill out sunset music…
and as they say the rest is my history. I have returned to the source of where I was born
as a DJ to finally DJ. Of course much has changed over the years and musically speaking…
I was ready.So here is the strange and mysterious Cafe Del Mar. The sun drops and touches
the walls inside and the whole place lights up…music please maestro. This ones for you MuM X
At the beginning it’s very quiet as always but then when the music starts almost like a clock
the tourists come to take photos in front of the sign.Yes been there done that but they stay
for the show of course. And to the show. I played grooves and as the sun gets lower the vibe
changes to almost a religous worship to our sun and as she sets for another day, people hush…
take heaps of photos then…. applause. Wow…. here she is, I was lucky on both days as there
were no clouds, but this one was really beautifull and opera was the music.
On another level from DJing with other peoples music is to play your own productions,
however humbling the experience is it is really rewarding. So last week I introduced the
world at Cafe del Mar to ‘Electric Zeus’ my partnership with the good Captain Peacock.
Our track ‘Sundowner’ had it’s debut here and this week I return to find that it is being
played by the resident DJ almost everyday. Of course I had to play it again.
So when I finally get back to Australia there is many more coming out and it feels like
one circle has been completed and another will begin. Exciting stuff to follow your dreams.
And so I will leave you with another DJ shot, I know excuse me but it’s for my Mum.
But here Is Valentin Heudo with me in the magic corner, he is the resident DJ at Cafe Del Mar.
A very talented producer,DJ and all round nice guy and now my good friend.
I come back with some of his new music, so you will get to meet him in a way as well.
‘Campo De Flores’ is one of my tracks of the summer… Out soon on Music For Dreams-denmark

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