Zeus in the country

After some absence from the blog (I needed a wee rest after 5years of sharing)
I take mt first tentative steps back.
Really if I want to tell the whole truth I would speak to you of Re discovery and of letting go,
These are the things that caused me to keep my thoughts to myself for awhile.
Also I would tell you of my deep longing to once again get back to it, back to the music fully,
back in that happy place I get to when the groove flows.
I have taken a little step away from the DJ life of chasing beats down getto streets but
have discovered in that time a much clearer understanding of what moves me, and of where
I want to go now with my music.
The other reason is this…two dudes on a trampoline. I mean my production project Electric Zeus.
We both decide to take a break from the studio with a few friends and head up to the country house.
So we polished up the Zeus mobile and filled it with good food grabbed our personal music expert
Beats Continue
Turned up the new tunes for my Ibiza summer and opened up the old Merc and hit the road.
Ah Bliss…is there anything better than the promise of an open road? It really doesn’t get much better
in my book.

We have been slowly watching our music take shape into what I hope you will all get to hear.
Ibiza is coming very soon,the DJ sets have formed and some new Electric Zeus tunes are almost ready.
Until then I promise to keep the Blog flowing as I have alot to tell you, both in words and Music.
Keep listening and keep believing…Big Love X

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