Through the looking glass…

I Look to Ibiza now, I wonder what lays in store…what is it I’m looking for?
The door has opened once again into Pandoras box and it is, as always a musical box.
The music is the reason I go. It is the music that drives my feelings there.
As a DJ Ibiza feeds me with a feeling of how music should be,why I am in love with it,
and why I do what I do. I love music and I love playing it, pure and simple.
As a producer Ibiza shows me what can be done with good music and how it moves people.
Again solidifying my reason.
Ibiza is a place that calls out in you the purest of thoughts,it calls you to be true to yourself and
your music. This is what I seek everytime there.
I guess if you were to go for one week of mayhem you may have a different impression but thats what I get.
Lately I have been wondering about underground music, My DJ sets have been described as deep and
to some people I play underground music,but there is underground and there is underground.
I think Underground music is deep music yes, it goes to a deeper part of the soul touching our
emotions differently than say the big commercial vocal tracks that lay it all out on a plate and
make it very obvious to the listening ear what is.
I like the subtleness of underground music, It requires a more patient listener,
maybe somebody who already has an incling of the forces at work in it.
Many people who I see there are looking for the same thing and as such being able to play music
on Ibiza I consider such a priveledge and such a pleasure.
And so into the looking glass I go again searching for treasures that I will bring with me forever.
I go to the Underground Ibiza…not for everybody?
Everybody go deeper I say. Keep searching and go deeper.
Just keep on going…until we’re gone;)

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