The House that Jacques built.

For those that know me even just a little you will know of my deep love for the ocean,
the truth is I don’t think I could live well without the sea,in fact without the sea I doubt
life on earth would even exist at all. The sea gives us so much, she is one of humanities most
precious resources. As a child I remember falling in love with the sea from a very early age,
and I remember also a man who introduced me more to the deep blue also at a very young age.
This man I know introduced many many people all over the world to the sea.
He was so very captivating, so passionate and of course so very French.
I am talking about Jacques Cousteau and as I write this I am sitting on his terrace looking out to the
blue waters of the Cote d’Azur which he loved so much.
I feel very honoured to be staying for few days in the house he built and now that he has left this
planet I am reminded of how life is short, life is precious, as precious as the Oceans of our Home.
So I want to introduce you to my host, my new friend and Jacques grandaughter Celine.
As passionate as her grandfather who taught her to dive, Celine is making a difference, a difference
we all need to support. She is telling the world stories that need to be told. From only the timespan
of two generations we have really hurt our mother earth.
Jacques Cousteau introduced us to the mysteries of the Ocean, his grandaughter Celine is now trying to Save it.
Get on board the new Calypso and be thankful we still have a sea with mysteries still swimming with us.
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