Ibiza- arrival 2011

It’s always special to arrive here and this year was no exception, I was quite emotional,
it has to be said I was even a bit teary and when we flew over the old fort I felt at home.
Steping off the plane onto the tarmac at Evissa airport is unique, the smell is particular.
A Balmy night brings a mix of jet fuel and the waft of the salt panes at Salines to create
in me a very happy feeling and the smile on my face is impossible to miss.
I thought of my first night last year…
Met at the airport and wisked off in a Mercedes straight to the beach where I was inserted behind
the decks with one of my heros: Sasha, and was handed a Magnum of Verve Champagne.
” Welcome to Evissa!!! ”
This year the polar opposite, Picked up in a yellow bus, (a merc actually but that’s beside the point)
and not so much whisked as plodded over to the far side of the Island and driven out to a desert
point, which happens to be my favourite spot on the Island, if not earth.
A smoke then a midnight swim to wash the rest of the world away where it will stay for the next
six weeks, far far away from this magic Island.
No Verve, cheap Rum would have to do and it did, the Hierbas will wait till sunset tomorrow.
I thought it might be nice to relive my first season in Ibiza where I camped with the hippies
while getting to know the place and it seems what was only meant to be a day or two might
turn into two weeks before I get busy working. Living the simple life but this is what I see when
I open the tent flap…. you see why there is no hurry right?
And instead of TV after a hard day( I never saw the attraction) This is what we turn onto.
The best sunsets I have ever witnessed and there is always good people out here on
what feels like the end of the earth watching our life force leave us in the cool for another evening.
Cala Conta is the name of this place, or Cala Contita to be precise and all my amigos from
last year are waiting to watch my first sunset with me, It was a good one too.
So this is where I am at for now, Living like an Ibizan hippy but the music will soon
call to me no doubt about it, first I need to clear my mind of it’s garbage then I will
really feel it good. Big Love everybody. DJ ShaneSoS ( Ibiza Gypsy )

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