Ibiza has me…no coming down

I am still in one piece yes so dont worry. In fact the piece I am is being refined once again,
so onwards and upwards. I am very well here and as always the time slows but I cannot seem
to find the time to Blog and for that I apologize. I am very surprised and honored that 500
people every week come here to read what I have to say and the fact that my slackness has
not caused that to wane humbles me all the more. Who are you all? No really, I would like to know.
Anyway enough of that… to Ibiza for you all mi amigos!
I have been busy, busy being and becoming more me(Ibiza does that to you)
Gigs, radio shows, lots of dancing, in glamorous places and in the sand with the hippies.
I have slept… in a cave, on the beach, in a tent, a bus, a villa, a strange but wonderful womans couch….
and now a big comercial hotel… which is why I can say all that because if my Mother reads this she
wont worry too much. Ibiza is probably one of the safest places I know, the Island seems to look after you.
If you have the right vibe, you have nothing to worry about. So Even though I am in a comfortable bed I
miss especially the cave but the mossies have come so I will stay hoteling now I think.
This weekend is closing weekend and from here my agenda reads like this, Tonight- Amnesia closing,
Sunday Evening -Blue Marlin, Sunday night -Space& monday Circo Loco at DC-10. Tuesday I will sleep.
Circo Loco means Crazy Circus and that should paint a good picture of where we dancers are
at the end of closing weekend. Will I be the lion tamer or the clown, The ringleader or a Russian acrobat.
Only time will tell. The lineups are very big I cant even name all the DJ’s I will be dancing with, it’s too many.
So you will have to wait to my annual top gig list to see who’s cracking and who’s not.
Last night I had the best sleep in my whole time here ( 10 hrs) so I am ready to go long long long
to dance dance dance.
I have been here for almost a month and the thing you must understand about Ibiza is it has two
sides, like a coin. People have always said this about it and with the party scene arriving this is
all the more evident.
I have recieved many visitors here this year and I try to show people both sides of this mysterious
place. Over the coming weeks now it has become more quiet and as a reward for you reading I will show
you Ibiza, the hippy side, the chilled side, the history side, the big dancing club side,
the powerful forces of nature side, the creative side,so bare with me a little longer.
In closing this episode I can tell you that my music Project Electric Zeus has been making good
progress, one release signed to Sony and our track Believe going down well all over the Island and
is going to be signed to Melodica, a great Independent Label in the UK.
I have maybe one or two more gigs left one of which is another radio broadcast so will post the show here
so you can listen. Stay tuned for more Ibiza episodes in the coming weeks. Big Love XShane SoS

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