Sunset Ibiza

One of the most popular things to do in Ibiza is watch the sun go down. The Island almost
comes to a stop the moment she sinks into the sea.

It is almost a crime to come to Ibiza and not watch one, it is that special.
Hardly a day goes by when I don’t stop myself and take that moment to say thanks to have
lived another day in such a place. It takes quite the party to pull me away from the sunny side,
but hey this is Ibiza and that does happen.
The two main options for sunset here is Sin Musica or Con Musica, both have merits.
To do a Dj set for the sunset is an art and not many can do it right. The presure of the moment,
the expectation of the crowds. I myself try only be sure I know the exact timing of the sunset so I
can space out the set as I go, always leaving myself open to go with the flow.
My absolute favorite place to play for sunset is the Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta, in front of you
and all around you is only sea, the colours are incredible and the full moon here is mind blowing as well,
to to see them both together low on the horizon moves you…literally.
The view from behind the decks.
And dont plan on leaving after the sunset because then the full moon party starts.
If you want a silent moment or want to do your own sunset set my advice is to wander up the cliff to
Cala Contita where there is a little bay with a great view of the magic Islands. They are full of
crystals just between you and me. Very magic indeed, I find it very hard to not be here everyday.
But variety is the spice of life so here are my top five sunset spots in Ibiza.

1. The Sunset Ashram and Cala Conta - its a bit of treck and a bit of a hidden gem so far from the maddening crowds.
2. The Pirate Tower overlooking Es Vedra - no words can speak of this, you must see and feel Es Vedra for yourself.
3. Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo- For good music and crowds.( they are next to each so I usually go for the best DJ)
4. Benniras - in the north of the Island and for six weeks over August you can see the sunset into the sea from the beach,
sundays are the day of the drums, lots of drummers. The August Full moon is the big one.
5. Cap Des Falco - out beyond the salt panes of Salines, bring mossie repelent, trust me dont forget.

Enjoy, and when it sinks the correct thing to do is to give applause. Ole!

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