After the afters and The Closing of the Closings…

I always say the best gigs in IbiZa happen right at the end of the summer and this year was no exception.
August is best avoided like the plague, the place is full full full and going into some clubs that are capacity
is not on my list of priorities, unless of course I am behind the decks with a full dance floor and my own space.
And it’s always funny to see how the general crowds and club nights change ffrom year to year. For instance last
year I didnt catch space really very good at all, Pacha was more me, this year space was the place and pacha was boring (except in the funky room), but it all depends on the night. With so much going on you must choose wisely.
For those that come here try and discover all the different sides and vibes to Ibiza, the hippie side is different to
the comercial side just as the Coccoon Crowd is different from the Pacha crowd. Like night and day really.

Top ten sets of the summer….
1 - Soul Clap @ Sands …. what can I say, the after party of Dc10 Circo Loco party, after 4 solid days of closing parties
(and doesnt every body look like it) this is the last one and the Soul Clap set the speed on deep solid grooves and eveyone
keeps on dancing on the sand until they throw us all out.
2 - Lenny Ibizzare @ Kumharas Closing…. The last of the closing parties for me, to stand in the carpark hearing and seeing a
crowd with not one person standing still under the moonlight and recognising the brillance of my friend Lenny doing his
deep melodic twisty trance thing, now guys… Boom!
3 - Groove Armada presents Red Box @ We Love Space… Pure professionalism and as tight a show us only these two do.
Never a dull second in this two hour power set. Classics, new material and it was over far to quick.
4 - James Zabiela @ Space…. Beginning a set with an Ipad!!! Most of the time James looks like a heavy metal head banger
more than a DJ but this was deep progressive with a touch of tech house at it’s best.
5 - Fat Boy Slim @ Space…. I have never seen it so full on the terraza… No space at all at Space. People could not get in properly
but they danced outside the room in the hallways anyway. Norman…Entertain me!
6 - Damien Lazarus @ Circo Loco DC10…. O so deep, O so crazy the Circus!
7 - Sven Vath @ Le Plage… Yes its the after party of Coccoon…yes its late the next night…yes Sven hasn’t sleep…yes Sven
is higher than everybody else put together…yes he even forgets to put on a record sometimes, thats right still playing records.
Papa Sven is everybodies favourite techno super hero! And they Love him for being him. And I just hope somebody is driving
him home when he’s done.
8 - Friday nights @ The Sunset Ashram…. The live trance band with the Indian Swami on vocals send every Man Woman and Child
into a dancing Frenzy.
9 - Rico Loop @ Namaste closing party… the man is beautifully in the moment always and seeing everybody almost simultaneously
jump up and dance at a chill out gig because they couldn’t help it…fantastic!
10 - The secret Full moon party in a Hippie Villa. An occupied unfinished 2 million euro Squat. A generator, some big speakers
and booming Hard Trance ( I don’t even like Hard Trance) But the crowd, the friends and the vibe still do it for me.
*** others to mention*** - Tensnake live, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Ewan Pearson and Joris Voorn.

And so now it’s time to chill, time to watch sunsets and explore the beauty of this magic Island. If you come here and don’t
get time to do that, you will miss out on something really special. Ibiza is not all about the parties believe me. Really.

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