Es Vedra and the Ibiza Poseidonia

These are two of the natural features that make Ibiza feel so powerful and so special.
Weather or not you even see them you will feel the influence of these two big forces…
But Es Vedra is however, among other things, pretty hard to miss.
Standing two kilometers off the western side of Ibiza near Cala D’hort is the giant rock island with
near verticle sides. Rising up out of deep water and reaching 400 meters high
Es Vedra has always been surrounded by Mystery and Legend.
Each year I hear stories of people trying to go there and it seems alot of the time strange forces are at work
to keep humans away, but like any special place if your energy is right and it calls you to it…Go!
I have heard of a giant Octopus thats guards the approach to the Island, of lost paddles and strange swirling currents.
Once a french rock climber had a go scaling the Island only to be turned back by flocks of protesting seagulls.
It is said to be the third most magnetic point on the earth and though I have no way of verifying this I can
only say that if you go there the feeling it gives off is pretty tangiable to say the least.
I have seen the mysterious hippie who lived quite close spending the entireity of his days making impressive
piles of stones all over his little valley, so impresive in fact that he became a bit of a tourist attraction.
Unfortunatly this year he was gone, the victim of the police finally moving him on, Rapture or maybe he had
just made enough rock monuments and decided to move on. I will never know I suppose.
There is also a story of a strange Japanese hippy who lived on Es Vedra for a couple of years.
Nobody knew how he survived out there, what he ate (guessing Fish) but what did the man drink.
He must have had quite the time by himself out there but then one day he just vanished with out a trace
never to be seen again. Some of the legends, and there is many more may be merely that but there is no denying
that Es Vedra speaks of strange things. A trip to Ibiza for me is not complete without at least one sunset here.
The other big force of Nature is not so much a force but a slowly growing quiet organism and it’s easier to miss
because it’s underwater.
But the Poseidonia of Ibiza is nontheless impressive to say the least.
Between Ibiza and Formentera is a very large bed of seagrass. This is the reason why the waters here are
among the clearest on the earth, the grass filters the water and it also removes Co2 from the sea.
But recently Scientists have discovered that it is not just a bed of sea grass, it is in fact one single organism.
This Clonal colony of Poseidonia measures a staggering 8 km across making it the biggest single organism
on planet earth. It has also been recently discovered by measuring growth rates and by dating techniques
to be 100 000 yrs old, making it as well, the oldest living organism on earth. Pretty special, thats why it’s just been
recently declared World Heritage. Boats are forbidden to anchor now in this area and this year a super yacht owned
by a Saudi destroyed quite a tract of sea grass it is now forced to travel the Med with a diver on Board to check
the bottom before dropping anchor. It’s a strange world we live in huh, but a beautifully magnificant one as well.
Next time I will tell you of Ibiza’s other world heritage site. But for now over and out X

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