Dalt Vila-Eivissa/Ibiza

Welcome to Old Town or, as Dalt Vila literally translates, to upper town.
As I have mentioned previously Ibiza is a very old place, with an extremely long and rich history,
it all starts here in Dalt Vila which sits watching over Ibiza Town as it has done for many hundreds of years.
So a quick history lesson… because it is one thing most people completly miss when they come to Ibiza.
I can’t blame them though, on an Island such as this it’s hard to go back to school when there is so much beauty,
so much entertainment on offer, so let me give it to you so when you come you at least know a little of it’s past.
The Island of Ibiza as it is known now was founded around 8th century BC by the Phoenicians and slowly they began
arriving from the mainland, they lived in an area known as Sa Caleta before deciding to move to what is now Ibiza Town
in 654 BC. Yes that’s a long time ago, a really long time ago!
The city still stands in this location today though so you would have to say that they picked the spot well.
vila3.jpg vila4.jpg
Because of Ibizas location in the then world it became a meeting place and point of exchange for many
different cultures. (In this sence not much has changed) This of course led to many conflicts as all
these peoples wanted Ibiza for themselves and as such Ibiza has been ‘owned’ by the Carthaginians,
Phoenicians,Romans,Moors,Byzantines,Visigoths Muslims and now Catalans.
In the 1500 hundreds it was decided that the city needed to update it’s protection, The weapons had changed
and so the defences needed to be able to withstand heavier attacks from the sea. The cities Renaissance
walls we see today were created. On the cities main entrance there is 1585 carved onto a plaque and this fortified
wall is one of the finest in the world today, hence Dalt Vila has archieved World Heritage status.
Around this time another of Ibizas trademarks was also created, the Pirate spotting towers built to signal
an incoming invasion, you can see these spread around the island at various strategic points.
Very cool looking things too. If you are in Ibiza for it’s patron saint day ( Mid August ) they have Fireworks
that simulate invasions and battles at the Dalt Vila and sneaking through the city with local friends
when all goes Boom is an experience I will never forget.
This day is the comemeration of the last time the city fell, into the hands it remains to this day.
The story goes that a Muslim King as was the custom in those days took the wife of a man on their wedding day
to be with him on the first night, to bless the marriage so to speak. Well the husband was so enraged that
he told a member of the oposing army of a little secret passage into which a small hole was dug and the Catalan
armies were able to sneak into the city in the dead of night and open the gates virtually unopposed and take the city.
A small chapel was built around this hole and you can still see it today.
Okay so yes that concludes my little history lesson, so now I return the blog to it’s normal mode of
operations, being music of course, what I plough headfirst into just now.
I only wanted to show you all that Ibiza is more than just a party Island, much much more in fact so
I recomend extending your time there so you can chill out and explore this amazing Island and give yourself
time to recover a little and then party harder. ha ha ha ha ha ha…Ibiza loves you!
See you in 2012…. Ibiza will be the place to be trust me.

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