Tour week one

Another Day another beach this time entertaining pro surfers and a plethora of girls in bikinis looking for Kelly Slater.
The DJ booth is suspended above the beach on Snapper Rocks in a tent with a perfct view of the waves and we played some tunes…
Here we are, the line up for the night,
Stefan ( Daft Punk), Son of the Sea, and DJ Alfie.
We played to the moon over the surf and the sea breeze on a balmy night went to our heads as it does.
A couple of days in the sun and the ol tan is coming back into my skin, a couple of days in the sea and the stress is washed away and the big city seems far. But there is some work to be done…. well kinda
Walking down the beach path to Mermaids and my Sunday gig felt like I could be anywhere other than the Qld Beach that I am actually on , I could hear the tunes of my host DJ Alfie Romeo floating over the sand like a cool breeze.
Alfie is a DJ who lives with sand between his toes and we spent the afternoon playing so close to sea I had to think about the splash factor…fun in the sun
After the sunset the place became even more ambient as the lights came on and the crowd thinned but I stayed into the night drinking wine and looking for the Mermaids. Snapped one more pic as I stumbled down the beach to where I was staying the night.

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