I am back on the Gold Coast and back looking over the sand to the waves through the rain showers, just put a needle on a record, the sun comes out and the people smile…. ah the days of the beach DJ…. BLISS has come again
If your up this way on a Sunday afternoon stop by and say hi to DJ Alfie…he is one cool cat with the best collection of records in town and this is one great place to sit back and listen to them. He plays every Sunday here at Mermaids Burleigh Heads. I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing his decks once again and look forward to next time.
Then off up the beach to play some sexy house at a brand new Bar called Boheme and the nice folks kept the ol Queensland hospitality flowing.
But alas the holiday in the sun is coming to an end, the temperature is starting to change and as I point the car south I am reminded of how much good it does one to come back to the roots of where it all began.Everything seems clearer in life and I cant wait to be back in Sydney to greet the southerly blows before they arrive and chill it all down.

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