I Have come back to the city to play at a jackin party and it went off!!
I think they are still looking for the roof somewhere down on Bondi beach!
A question was asked of me …. Would I mind playing the big set the day after such a long drive?
Does it look like I mind?

Yes Yes Yes House is back on the menu again, not one dirty electro track here No No… Remember how it used to be?
The apartment was mac daddie with the kick arse view of bondi and as I come on the vibe was just kicking in with help from Matt Wonderland on the congas.I guess all the elements combined last night..the moon..the stars..the drugs… and of course the tunes because the word went out and we got slammed…guys were turning up with more drums, a sax player popped up from somewhere and about a hundred people crammed in a danced like I haven’t seen for awhile.
It was hot baby !
The View from the balcony which I only saw in the beginning as I couldn’t move from the decks…not that I wanted to!
What a Blast…apologies to the neighbours. May your sleep be Deep and Blissfull tonight x
Tune in to bondifm on Sunday 2pm for the come down as I do the blissbomb show…88fm or

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